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James Adams pin-up artist | 2/2


James Adams is praised for his ability to create a feeling of warmth, sexiness, strength and fortitude in his subjects that stands out from the crowd

"I stress strong pen and ink skills, with delicate ink washes that accentuate my ink-work ... think of it as a vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup sundae, with a nice, juicy, colorful cherry on top."

James Adams

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"I love the contrasting nature of ink drawings. I've always been attracted to 'noir'. When color is used right, it can create moods that are unforgettable. However, black and white moods gain a stronger presence in my head.

"I love the greats - Frank Frazetta, Hajime Sorayama, Olivia De Berardinis and Walter Girotto. It's their artwork that continues to inspire me to this day. What truly inspires me are their unique styles. You can feel it when you look at their artwork. They truly love what they do... and so do I."

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