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Andrew Bawidamann pin-up artist


Andrew Bawidamann's girls are reminiscent of a time when men were overseas at war, depending on their pinups to satisfy, they offer much appeal to today’s soldiers, tattoo artists, bikers, rockers and just about anyone with a fetish!

Having come a long way from browsing the bewitching nose art of vintage war birds at the local Air Force museum, Andrew Bawidamann is creating contemporary cheesecake pin-up art through his stylized girls.

Andrew Bawidamann pinup artist

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, just three miles from Wright Patterson Airbase, Andrew Bawidamann grew up gawking at the seductive nose art of vintage war birds. As a child, it became apparent that Bawidamann was focused on art as he somewhat successfully dodged the rulers of sadistic Catholic school nuns. He developed a fascination with history and nostalgia by listening to his grandfathers' war stories and consistently loitering at the Airbase. The most significant influence upon his current work was the fateful day when he discovered his father's porn collection.

After honing his skills as a traditional illustrator at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Bawidamann took a job after graduation as a graphic designer so that he could actually pay the bills. After five years of working for The Limited, Express, Bath and Body Works, and a small advertising agency, Bawidamann returned to his initial passion, pin-up art.

Currently, he's translating his nostalgia fetish into eye-catching works of art. Using traditional and non-traditional methods, he creates his stylized pinups. His art reflects a time when Rosie was riveting, smoking wasn't bad for you, and the Rat Pack wasn't the vermin in the alley.

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