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Dick Bobnick pin-up artist

"I've painted almost every subject matter and beautiful women are among my favorite"

Pictured with his stunning multi award winning portrait of Marilyn Monroe which was selected by the jury for inclusion in the book, Aphrodesia I, in 2005 from over 1200 submitted entries. The distinguished panel included Greg Hildebrand and Frank Frazetta.

Dick Bobnick pinup artist

Dick Bobnick has been a successful illustrator for 40 years. His versatility in creating celebrity portrait montages, sports illustrations, action-adventure, historical, religious and gorgeous pinups keeps his work in demand among regional, national and international corporations, advertising agencies, public relations firms as well as book and collectibles producers.

He got into the "pin-up" genre through his agent at the time, Jeff Lavaty, one of the legendary art agents in the U.S. He was commissioned to produce a number of pin-up style illustrations for the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company's promotions of ther new Camel flavored cigarettes in 2004 and 2005. They were ecstatic with the results and Dick has subsequently received many queries and compliments on those illustrations as well as art awards for several of them.

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The Premier Illustration of Dick Bobnick