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Shannon Brooke pin-up photographer


"My photography has a nostalgic feel with a contemporary twist ... my stamp"

"There was a time between the 1920s and the 1960s when a woman was sexy because of her style and personality when beauty was defined by a woman having class ... my speciality is capturing these eras and that class, with a contemporary twist enhancing their retro vibe."

Shannon Brooke pinup photographer

Shannon Brooke was born and raised in Orange County, CA, USA and attended the Brooks Institute of Photography.

She is now an LA based photographer focusing on commercial portraiture. Her range is diverse and she shoots anything from pin-up and fashion to music and advertising. Previously a lead photographer at West Coast Choppers and Hot Topic, she is now a full-time freelancer working on her own publications.

Photographing women and making them feel beautiful, and glow with confidence is the most gratifying part of my job

Shannon Brooke

"My passion for shooting autos has been my recent obsession, thanks to my father the autobody man. Growing up around dust from bondo and metal shavings, the pungent smell of paint, and the sound of sanders grinding away at the monstrous metal bodies has imprinted me with the memory of dad.

"So when there is an auto in one of my photos, it subliminally is my father and a 'thank you' for all the love he has given me through out my life."

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