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Michael Calandra pin-up artist


Michael Calandra strives to capture the essence of any subject he paints, whether it is the seductive look in the eye, or a classic pin-up pose - the artist has to communicate through the painting

Basing the success of his paintings by their ability to emotionally move the viewer, his art can be found all over the world as book covers, cd covers, illustrations, in private collections, calendars, and as licensed images

Michael Calandra

Michael Calandra was born in Monroe, Michigan USA. During his childhood, he studied the comic, horror, and fantasy art techniques of genre masters, such as Frank Frazetta. He developed solid drawing and pen and ink skills by imitating their styles.

He continued to develop various painting and design skills through college, applying them to wildlife and portrait painting. He was a featured artist at many wildlife shows and had several one-man shows in conjunction with area galleries. While winning many awards and earning recognition for those works, the artist always retained his interest in fantasy, horror, and pin-up art.

Working primarily with airbrush, acrylic paint, and coloured pencils, he strives to create images of a dark and haunting nature. Often depicting a commanding and sensuous female figure, he uses dramatic poses, lighting, and colour to produce atmospheric settings that reflect the essence of his subjects.

His fantasy work has been featured in many publications including the cult Heavy Metal Magazine as a gallery artist, four times as a cover artist and as a 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Heavy Metal Calendar artist.

Michael resides in Sylvania, Ohio, where he owns and operates a frame shop and art studio.

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