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Kevin Clark pin-up artist


Kevin Clark explores the ever-fascinating beauty and awe of the female form and character

"I look to find not just an interesting image, but something that tells the viewer a bit about the model - perhaps a glimpse into her soul if we're lucky"

Kevin Clark pinup artist

Kevin Clark was born in Wisconsin in 1965 where he spent most of his life. He began drawing very young, and was encouraged by his parents, Ruby and Thomas Clark. He grew up with his older brother, Steve Clark, who opened his mind to music as an art. Throughout his school years, Kevin took as many art and music classes as the schedule would allow, including after-school clubs such as jazz band.

Music became his focus after graduating, creating a number of bands and performing in local bars and clubs. Years later he would move from performing to recording and producing, helping local bands make their start.

A few years later, home computers became affordable and offered new ways of creating music and art. This lead Kevin back to art, this time in the form of animation. He learned quickly and soon had an independent company, Iceman Studios, creating short animated films.

After years of demanding work in animation, Kevin was looking for something to be passionate about again. Digital painting offered an outlet, while still applying the techniques used in animation, but it just wasn't enough. Finally, he returned to his roots and began painting on paper and canvas - Kevin now paints full-time.

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