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Dangerously Dolly (Jane Queen) pin-up photographer


"I want to make women look like the goddesses of yesterday and the queens of tomorrow"

"Dangerously Dolly is one of the most incredible visual artists of our generation" - Stylenoir

Dangerously Dolly

Dangerously Dolly is the name of the company formed by photographer and artist, Jane Queen. "It was just the perfect way to describe the style I shoot," she says. It's a name that has also become a persona and pseudonym in the minds of many - Jane is Dangerously Dolly.

Her work is frequently very special indeed, inventive and experimental, it has a tendency to leap out at you, demanding your attention and commanding admiration. She has a huge following and rightly so. This is retro-contemporary pin-up at its best, and much more. Her choice of beautiful, "alternative", inked models is perfect and her vivid use of colour is sumptuous and rich. There are many magic ingredients in this cauldron and we see latex and more than a hint of Gothic.

Like many others, when we found out how young she is we were quite astonished, bearing in mind the brilliance of her work and what she has achieved already.

The application of years of experience in creative retouching and digital arts as well as art direction and photography may have helped her to get there, but ultimately she possesses a powerful natural talent that we hope will burn ever bright.

Her work has been a source of inspiration for other traditional artists, photographers, models, and she absolutely loves receiving art from those who were influenced by it.

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Dangerously Dolly