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Art Frahm pin-up artist


Art Frahm is best known for his "ladies in distress" pictures involving beautiful young women whose panties mysteriously fall to their ankles in very public places

Whether in the process of bowling, walking the dog, changing a tire or most commonly, carrying groceries, wardrobe malfunctions conspire to cause maximum embarrassment to Frahm's pin-up girls.

Art Frahm pinup artist

Art Frahm, another Chicago area artist and a likely Sundblom-shop graduate, compares favourably with such master technicians in oil as Gil Elvgren.

Many of his works were outstanding examples of the glamour genre. His perfectly coifed, daring décolletage dressed beauties glowed in the midst of romantic soft settings.

In addition to his pin-up work, his commercial art ranged from magazine cover illustration to zany "hobo" calendar paintings.

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