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Photographer Celeste Giuliano has been expertly recreating that classic pin-up look for her clients since she founded her Philadelphia studio in 2005

"I love what I do and am ecstatic that so many women share my love of pinups and are so eager to pose as one themselves."

Celeste Giuliano

Celeste Giuliano graduated with a BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, USA. During her senior year, she was named the top studio photographer.

As a child, I spent many a moment drawing in my Grandfather's workshop while staring at torn-out pages of vintage pin-up illustrations that he had tacked on the wall years before

Celeste Giuliano

After graduating in 2001, she became a Photo Editor for a weekly newspaper in the Philadelphia area. During the day, she worked as a photojournalist and during the evenings and weekends, she photographed portraits for her own clients.

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