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John Gladman pin-up photographer

After winning numerous awards in the portrait world, photographer John Gladman was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the pin-up world

"The sensual form of a woman's body fascinates me ... once behind the lens, I get into a zone where the camera and I become one."

John Gladman pinup photographer

John Gladman picked up a camera in boy scouts and has never put it down since. Through the PPA, he has received Master of Photography, Master of Electronic Imaging, and Photographic Craftsman degrees. He has been awarded Kansas Photographer of the year 5 times along with numerous other awards.

"After 25 years of portraits and weddings, I never thought I could make my living solely doing pinups ... my best friend and partner has proven me wrong.

"It takes over and a new energy springs forth from me, where I no longer think, but I just do.

"I like the challenge of taking photographs of average women from all walks of life and making them look and feel like models. The transformation is subtle yet powerful. I maintain the body lines, so that she still looks like herself, yet is kicked up a couple notches. I am able to peer deep into her soul and then bring that out it in an image. Why use models when I can use everyday women and make them look like models!

"I love the entire process of creating Bombshell’s unique look - from planning the theme, background, and wardrobe, to the post work which can take hours and sometimes days. Each image is finished by applying a digital hand painted effect to bring a magical quality to the image."

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