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Baron von Lind pin-up artist


Baron von Lind's pin-up girls all share a sly smile and devilish sparkle in their eye

Of all his varied interests, Jerry Lind has always had a fondness for old school pinups encapsulated in the naughty innocence and sense of fun of his subjects.

Baron von Lind

Jerry Lind was born in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, the fourth son of Alma and Hjalmar von Lind. His father Hjalmar was born the son of Baron Johann von Lind in a small town outside of Stockholm, Sweden. When he left the United States military in 1989, after 18 years, Lind assumed his ancestral name of "von Lind".

With the exception of his military service he has devoted his life to art and has always particularly enjoyed his pin-up work.

He began as a young apprentice in a publishing firm doing graphic art and advancing over the years in the fields of art direction, magazine illustration, portrait painting, pin-up art for calendars and classical painting. He also became nationally known as a wildlife painter.

In past years he has done portraits of famous celebrities and stars. Working at one time for Paramount Studios, he painted such stars as Yul Brynner, Sophia Loren, Peter O'Toole, and many others. Most recently, he has done portraits of actresses, Shirley Jones and Elizabeth Taylor. One of the most prestigious personalities that he has painted over the years is the commissioned portrait of then President Ronald Reagan.

In August 2002, 11 official postage stamps were issued by the Republic of Benin, West Africa in honour of the Baron's art. This tribute is just one of many in the artist's illustrious career.

The artist continues his painting in Oceanside, California where he enjoys the renewed interest in his art through out the world.

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