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Michael Malak pin-up photographer

While taking photography at high school , Michael Malak never imagined he would one day find himself creating stunning, "brilliantly researched" film noir & WWII fantasy dreamscapes, replete with pin-up air girls and dastardly dames

"What I have decided to do and integrate into my photography is to bring the best of the past and the best of the present day woman, and combine them into a vintage 1940’s style photograph".

Michael Malak pinup photographer

Michael Malak was born in Newport Beach, CA in the late 1960’s.

"I took photography in high school and never felt much for the overall film process. I learned most of my artistic skills and creativity from my art teacher of four years. She taught me about foreground, shadowing, and perspective. She pushed me outside of my comfort zone and taught me new artistic techniques that I would later apply to my photography.

"I have always loved the 1930/40’s period for the way everything was made. Built to last! Made in the USA meant something.

"I do offer two styles of photography. One is the 1930/40’s Hollywood Glamour, Film Noir and the WWII Pin-up (Nose Art) style photography. I do own all branches of service uniforms from WWII, props, bomber jackets and three parachute rigs, one with full functioning cord lines and silk. Vintage 1930/40’s dresses, furs, hats, and wardrobe are also owned by me.

"George Hurrell is my all time inspiration and favourite photographer of the 1930/40’s. His work is truly inspiring to view. I am currently working on two independent projects. I have posted one of them on my site called “Sinister Shadows”, the Dastardly Dames of the 1940’s.

"Please note that these are not just photographs. There is a post production process that goes into every photo to give it that unique, vintage, antique look and feel from the era."

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