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Olivia de Beradinis pin-up artist | gallery 2/3


"I see the subjects of my paintings as women in control of their own sexuality, who choose their partners, and choose to be dominant or submissive, and not to be admonished for their decisions"

"I try through my work to capture and record those visions of women, those rare moments when everything is working, when all the forces and powers have come together perfectly"

Olivia de Berardinis

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In 1975 Olivia met Joel Beren and they were married four years later. Living on Manhattan's Upper West Side they developed a small publishing business, O Cards, primarily printing Olivia's work as greeting cards. They created another company, Ozone Productions Ltd to license Olivia's artwork. In 1984 Olivia met Robert and Tamara Bane and signed her first fine art publishing agreement with Robert Bane Publishing. Many limited editions have since been published.

In 1987 the Tamara Bane Gallery in Los Angeles opened its doors with a gala one-woman show of Olivia's artwork. Later that year Olivia and Joel moved to Los Angeles where they reside today.

"As the years progressed, I had a growing body of work, and in '93 Joel designed and published our first book, "Let Them Eat Cheesecake". Joel and I, over the years have become partners in even the execution of the art. He photographs the models, prints the copy photos, suggests and critiques, then ducks, and when the work is finished he even shoots the art photocopy."

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