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Dino Petrocelli pin-up photographer

Best known for his work with bikes and fast cars photographer, Dino Petrocelli, tries his hand at pin-up (with the occasional motor vehicle thrown in)

With a love for music and rock concerts, Dino Petrocelli's passion for photography began at the age of sixteen. Always with a camera in hand, he was asked to shoot a wedding for a friend in 1985 which began his career.

Dino Petrocelli

After ten years, the business expanded with studio photography where Dino learned everything on his own by reading books, trying his own lighting techniques and a lot of trial and error. Soon he found himself working for independent companies and small ad agencies photographing everything from gloves to car parts, operating rooms and CD covers. In 1997 he was approached to shoot motorcycle parts for a distributor and the covers for their catalogue. Since then, not only does he continue to shoot weddings but he has been very involved in shooting for top national motorcycle magazines.

"Not being a Pin Up photographer by any means, I thought I would take a stab at it, finding the right people to work with me, Jennifer McCarthy-Norton, Jenn Shaughnessy, and Recycled Hair Salon with Dave and Bridget, I have been able to do some pretty nice pin-up shots. I'm not a big computer guy, so I try and do all my shots in the camera and just use the computer to tweak the images. There are great pin up photographers out there, I don't consider myself even close to what some of the shooters do, but what I create makes me happy and makes my clients happy, and that to me is the bottom line."

Dino's clients over the years have included: Atlantic British Ltd, GMP Advertising, Swany Gloves, Grando Gloves, Ambrosino Design, WTEN TV, Bikers Choice, Kaiser Illustration, FLY 92, WPYX 106, Hot Bike magazine, Easyriders magazine, American Iron magazine, numerous brochures, catalogues, billboards and CD covers. He has worked with the Discovery Channel and most recently new clients such as, Paul Jr. Designs, Allstate Insurance, Factory Five Racing, GM High Tech magazine and Corvette Fever Magazine.

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