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Nathalie Rattner pin-up artist | 2/2

Nathalie Rattner's exquisite pin-up work has already earned her a reputation for technical excellence and startling sensuality

"A great pin-up should be of a girl portrayed in a way that both men and women can enjoy ... it isn’t as simple as just drawing a woman, as there are many elements that need to be considered, such as the flirtatiousness, sensuality, joy and personality of the girl."

Nathalie Rattner

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Nathalie's highly prolific nature has moved her towards more diversely themed projects. These experiences have given her the opportunity to experiment with realism, impressionism and photorealism, and to perfect her skill in the pure application and fusion of a wide range of mediums, including oil paint, dry pastel, charcoal, graphite, watercolor, gold leafing and airbrushing.

"I've always been interested in anything vintage, be it movies, TV shows, furniture or art. I started doing pieces of 1920’s and 30’s actresses to decorate my house a few years ago and a lot of people went crazy for a piece I did of actress Betty Compton. After such a warm reception, I started playing around with the style I used for that piece, and I found that it gave my pieces a unique look that I had been working toward for years".

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