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Contact The Pin-up Files

Before you contact The Pin-up Files please read our FAQs

How do I apply for a gallery at The Pin-up Files?

Please go to our gallery application page.

How much is this pin-up worth?

We CANNOT help with valuations. Try one of the many online auction houses, search eBay for ideas or contact a specialist art dealer such as the Grapefruit Moon Gallery or Pinup Expo.

Who painted this pin-up?

We will try to help you with your general queries wherever possible and we may be able to help identify a particular painting. If you want to send us a scan please let us know or tell us where we can see the image online. We also suggest you:

Who owns the copyright to this pin-up?

The Pin-up Files does not own the copyright to ANY of the images on site and CANNOT give permission for use for any purpose whatsoever. Copyright information is shown on gallery pages where known. Please see copyright - general guidelines from Pin-up Extra for advice on copyright and public domain issues.

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