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Riley Kern pin-up photographer

Riley Kern loves to have fun with her subjects, push the limits and experiment

Riley Kern blends vibrant colours, retro class, and pin-up kitsch in a photographic recipe synonymous only to the RK Studio brand.

Riley Kern pinup photographer

Riley Kern is a portrait photographer located in Orange County and Los Angeles. She grew up in Bakersfield and her love of country western music and culture can be seen throughout her work. Her appreciation for all things retro can be attributed to her hometown roots. Her humour and fun loving personality shine through her colourful and vibrant images.

Riley is highly influenced by classic pin-up artists such as painters Gil Elvgren, George Petty, and Alberto Vargas. She also draws inspiration from photographers such as Bunny Yeager and George Hurrell, in addition to live vintage pin-up girls such as Betty Grable, Jean Harlow, Tempest storm & of course the infamous Betty Page.

Whether working on location or in the studio, I pride myself on my ability to make my subjects feel safe, comfortable and confident

Riley Kern

She fell in love with pin-up girls for their playful and classic imagery. Pin-ups convey a balance of innocence and confidence in their sexuality that Riley admires. Pin-ups embrace women of all shapes and sizes, and prove it is much more about the glimmer in your eye, a playful smirk, or your sense of confidence than it is about your body size.

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