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Chrissy Sparks pin-up photographer

Internationally published British Photographer Chrissy Sparks is new to the pin-up scene but is already making her mark with DollHouse Photography

"DollHouse is a new business underpinned by ambition to create highly stylised and dynamic pin up images, some with a nod to the classic purist pin up and some with a modern latex twist. Being a graphic designer gives my work an edge and I absolutely love what I do, creating every image as a little piece of art!"

Photo by Deb Underhill

Chrissy Sparks pinup photographer

Chrissy Sparks had been a graphic designer for 15 years with photography taking a back seat until summer 2013 when she launched DollHouse. From the outset, the response was extremely positive.

She likes to have fun when shooting and makes the model/client feel at ease with a relaxed approach with as much or as little guidance as they wish. "I often get into the poses I'd like followed myself, and ask clients to mirror facial expressions - it usually starts with a few giggles (especially with 'cheesecake pin-up') but thankfully it usually generates the desired look in the final shot!"

When asked about her influences and inspirations she cites vintage artists such as Gil Elvgren, whose images tend not to be as overtly sexual as more modern examples of the genre, and where the models are simply elegant, cheeky or playful.

The name DollHouse came to me quite easily as I wanted something that didn't pigeon-hole the brand, that could span across the various styles I wanted to shoot in (pin-up, boudoir, burlesque and alternative) whilst having a distinctly feminine and slightly vintage feel to it

Chrissy Sparks

"I have always loved the way that pin-up is so heavily stylised and found the notion of 'the background story' an opportunity to create dynamic images. I also have a keen interest in advertising and love the use of pin-up in vintage marketing, hence the heavy use of branding and typography in my work."

Chrissy regularly shoots for a variety of publications and has a fairly even split of work between design and photography.

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