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Edward Tadiello pin-up artist

Edward Tadiello began creating pin-up art in the early 1990s in addition to his mainstream illustration work

"In many ways pin-up represents the beginning of my personal work in the sense that It was self-motivated as opposed to client-driven romance novel covers that I had been illustrating since the early 1980s"

Photo of Edward Tadiello at work by Dennis Conners

Edward Tadiello pinup artist

"My heroes are Alberto VargasGil ElvgrenFritz Willis and an artist that did not do pin-up specifically but he painted women in his mainstream illustrations with such elegance and sophistication that to my knowledge was unparalleled and his name was John Lagatta. Of course there are many more, too numerous to mention, including some great contemporary painters who are carrying on the tradition.

"My process is pretty straightforward. I photograph the model and use the photo as a reference only. The drawing or painting is done freehand, in a manner to encourage stylization such as elongating the legs, making the hair softer more shiny and the stockings more silky. In a sense the photo reference is a starting point and most of the creation happens in the painting stage. This is not meant to diminish the model or the photoshoot's contribution. On the contrary, they play a big part in the success of the piece. Hand in hand the model, photoshoot and painting are all important pieces to the creation.

"In the early 1970s I started out as a layout artist at J.C. Penney and later went on to free-lance illustration and design. In 1983 I started taking on book cover illustration commissions. In all I illustrated over 200 book covers in various genres (romance, western, young adult). Currently I am a Scenic Designer / Scenic Artist affiliated with the local 829 scenic artist union. My credits as a scenic artist include work for movies (including Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Sorcerers Apprentice, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Rachel Getting Married) TV shows (including The Sopranos, New Amsterdam, The Good Wife, Ugly Betty) and Broadway Theatrical production. As an Assistant Art Director I work on a project basis for the TV show Board to Death and a Channel Commercial.

"As for my Fine Art, I have always focused on the female form. Often she appears as Angel, Dancer, Musician and Pin-up. At this particular time in my career I am inspired to focus on my Pin-up work, So I expect to be adding to this gallery and my site with some regularity.

"I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible models, most notably, Tiana Hunter, Heather Eve, Shelly Bomb, Marrienne Pease, Roxanne Michaels, Sakura San and many more. They and all the models I have photographed are very professional and very beautiful. I thank them all!"

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The Pin-Up Art of Edward Tadiello