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Kelly X clearly understands women and creates contemporary pinups in paintings that capture the full beauty, self-assuredness and personality of each and every one of her models

"I have tried to establish a contemporary day "pin-up" who knows what she wants and feels comfortable enough to be beautiful, self-assured, and unafraid to bare it all."

Photo of Kelly X pinup artist

Kelly Futerer was born and raised in California in the swinging 60’s, from an early age she was made to appreciate the benefits of combining fun, sexiness and intelligence. Which led to a very successful career as an international model and subsequently to her career as a painter where she goes by the name Kelly X.

Through the tutorage of William Ward Beecher, Sumi-E and Suhaku Flag, she has developed her own style combining her professional understanding of natural pose and attitude that captures the spirit of a woman on canvas.

"I was raised in sunny southern California by progressive parents who helped me realize that there was no need to separate fun, sexiness, and intelligence. Naturally, then, my work is about empowered, take-charge women. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them."

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