The Pin-up Files

Ary Spoelstra pin-up artist


Ary Spoelstra's beautiful graphite pencil drawings provides us with a skillful and sensuous portrayal of the female form

Despite working with other mediums such as oils, acrylics, and pastels, he always came back to the graphite pencil and has found in this a certain serenity in grey values that is not found in coloured mediums.

Ary Spoelstra

Ary Spoelstra was born in the Netherlands in 1956. Having lived in the Caribbean for 15 years, he was able to observe the natural beauty of the female of many different nationalities, from a very early age. He has spent all his life sketching, drawing, observing, and studying the human form and has always been fascinated by its natural beauty. He has used the pencil as his main medium.

Later in his life when back in Europe once again, he studied Art, Sculpting and Design professionally for 4 years and developed his own unique style of capturing the human form.

Since 1978, living in the USA, he has been working on nudes, portraits and fantasy art.

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