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Elizabeth Austin pin-up artist


A self taught artist, Elizabeth Austin was drawing before she started kindergarten and pin-ups were definitely her first love

"I first discovered the beauty of the pin-up, around the age of  four. I found an uncle's stash of "girly" magazines ... it was then that I got my first glimpse of the work of Alberto Vargas and I was hooked. I knew then, I wanted to create art and specifically, pin-up girls."

Elizabeth Austin pin-up artist

Elizabeth first showed her pin-up girls at the Chicago V.A.M.P show (Vintage And contemporary Pinups) in 2001.

"I grew up in a suburb of San Diego, California, called El Cajon. I migrated to the Midwest in 1989, where I still live with my husband, two children and a menagerie of pets.

"I also paint motorcycles, helmets, surfboard and just about anything you can imagine! All of my motorcycle paint jobs have taken home first place trophies!

"I also practice the art of tattooing. I'm a licensed tattoo artist, and have been putting art on skin for approximately five years.

"I'm very inspired by music, many of my paintings are titled after favourite songs. However, when I feel low or uninspired, I simply turn to the works of the two men that I consider the "Masters of The Pin-up". Those two men are Alberto Vargas and Carlos Cartagena."

In addition to her more traditional artworks, many of her designs have been published as stickers and temporary tattoo's (see the gallery).

Elizabeth is also a licensed tattoo artist and a Pumpkin Master!

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The Pin-up Art of Elizabeth Austin