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Jessica Dougherty pin-up artist | 2/2


"I think it is wonderful to be a woman and celebrate my femininity through my artwork"

"I'm inspired by beautiful women (faces especially) and sexy poses and attitudes ... I also love moody settings and vibrant colors."

Jessica Dougherty

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"Most of my family, being scientists and technical types, do not understand why I paint nude women but seem to be content with the fact that it makes me happy. I now live with my husband and children in Seattle. I received my B.A. from the University of Washington in June, 2001 and have been painting free-lance ever since. My work has been shown at the Echo Gallery in Chicago with the likes of Olivia de Berardinis in a joint show for the renowned Robert Bane Gallery from Los Angeles. My series of paintings called the "Juicy Fruits" also showed at the Echo Gallery in a show with "Heavy Metal" great, Lorenzo Sperlonga and the famous Hildebrandt brothers. Pieces of my work have also been collected by the MOP Pin-up gallery in Readlyn, Iowa as well as by private collectors all over the US and abroad."

Jessica offers the following advice to those artists who are just starting out:

"Use the internet for everything. It is your best friend for networking and largely free. Also keep producing art as much as possible and you will get better and better through practice. Don't be afraid to ask questions and approach other artists or magazines etc. Connections and being friendly is just as important as the art you are producing."

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