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Nikita Gushue pin-up photographer


Canadian photographer Nikita Gushue of Freak Alternative Photographics (F.ALT) creates alternative pin-up with startling results

"Over the years I have expanded to being more than a pin-up photographer and have worked hard to be known in the Alternative Modelling industry, constantly combining my love for alternative culture with my love for pin-up styles."

Nikita Gushue pinup photographer

Nikita Gushue's vision is surreal and though resplendent with vibrant colour, there is darkness here with hints of steampunk fairytales and gothic theatricality. Her world demands your attention.

She was born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, where she involved herself with a variety of creative media throughout her childhood. While discovering how each medium made her feel, and what she could do with it, she always found herself going back to cameras.

She discovered the beauty of pin-up during her high school years, and in her final year she moved away from her home town to her province's capital city, Edmonton. It was there that she decided to enrol in Photographic Tech at The Northern Alberta Institute of Technologies and after two years in college she received her diploma.

During her time at college she learnt the basics of studio photography,lighting and model direction, and near the end of her two years she knew she wanted to turn her love of pin-up into a career.

After graduating she was able to set up her own studio and developed her own defining style. She started working with a wide variety of women to create their own personal pin-up imagery. Whilst using the classic poses and concepts such as the sailor, the soldier and the cute house wife, she started exploring more individualistic setups with unique detail.

"As a younger woman, the popularity of pin-up brings me such joy and confidence," says Nikita. "It shows the world that any woman has her own beauty and personal character within, no matter who you are or what you look like. I was a tom boy growing up, and I was bullied for a long time - discovering and understanding inner beauty and positive personality was a struggle before pin-up came into my world".

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