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Gary Heller pin-up photographer

New York photographer Gary Heller is a master of light and texture and when combined with his love of fantasy and a beautiful model the results are special

"My work is most always inspired by light and shadow, shapes and definition as well as character and mood."

Gary Heller pinup photographer

Gary Heller first picked up a camera around 2003, shooting urban and rural scenes. His work in this genre clearly demonstrates his striking command of light and texture. He leads us to 'abandoned places' and shows us there is a curious beauty in decay.

By 2010 he had started to explore portraiture in a makeshift studio, which led him to try his hand at pin-up and fetish, achieving some stunning results.

He has always loved fantasy art with comic book illustrations and album covers a source of inspiration. Amongst others, he admires the work of Frank Frazetta, Alberto Vargas, Luis Royo and Enoch Bolles. "I came about my style in trying to create a look that mimicked the artwork of some of those influences," says Gary.

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